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Every Child has that spark of divinity within...

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Surya Namaskar Yagna - 2022

14th January 2022  - 07th February 2022

Yoga for healthy life style

Open to all

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Voluntary Initiative

Do it daily in your home

What is Surya Namaskar Yagna?

Among the many contributions of ancient Bharat to the world. Yoga stands out at one of the most popular example of achievements of our ancient rishis & scholars. Yoga is now practiced almost all across the globe & hundreds of millions of people are benefitting from it every single day. Even united states has passed a resolution on celebrating International Yoga day with support from 175 of its 193 member countries. So, continuing with Balagokulam's last 10 years tradition Balagokulam is taking Surya Namsakar (one of the most effective yoga technique) to as many gated communities and schools with the goal to inculcate the practice of Yoga/ Surya Namaskar in daily lives of as many children and adult possible.

Balagokulam Intro video

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